Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems


Our supervisors have a wide range of research interest and expertise. Contact them directly to discuss your potential research.


Professor Mark Cassidy

  • Investigation of spudcan punch-through failure
  • Development of wave-structure-soil interaction models for deepwater applications
  • Stability analysis of untrenched offshore pipelines
  • Reliability of offshore infrastructure

Professor Christophe Gaudin

  • Suction caisson performance in layered soils
  • Performance of suction embedded plate anchors
  • Soil-risers interaction

Professor Mark Randolph

  • In situ testing of soft sediments, in particular the use of full-flow penetrometers.
  • Pipelines and lateral pile response
  • Shallow foundations under combined vertical and horizontal loading
  • Pile performance in different soil and rock types
  • Pile dynamics
  • Piled raft foundations
  • Anchoring systems (drag and plate anchors, suction caissons)

Dr Britta Bienen

  • Offshore Geotechnics
  • Centrifuge Modelling
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Soil-structure-fluid interaction
  • Development of foundation-soil interaction models
  • Offshore Foundations under combined loading
  • Mobile jack-up platforms and their spudcan foundations
  • Foundations for offshore wind energy installations  

Dr Nathalie Boukpeti

  • Constitutive modelling of granular materials
  • Liquefaction in granular deposits
  • Analytical and numerical modelling
  • Coupled phenomena in porous materials

Associate Professor Antonio Carraro

  • Geomechanics
  • Offshore sediments and transitional soils
  • Fundamental behaviour and constitutive modelling of geomaterials
  • Principal stress rotation and intermediate principal stress effects
  • Particle breakage and inter-particle bonding
  • Advanced experimental methods

Professor Susan Gourvenec

  • Embedded foundations under transient and sustained loading
  • Numerical analysis of the capacity of suction caissons
  • Yield envelopes for shallow foundations under general loading
  • Effect of soil profile on bearing capacity

Dr Shazzad Hossain

  • Physical and numerical modelling of dynamically penetrating anchors
  • Suction caisson anchors in calcareous and layered sediments
  • Bucket foundations subjected to V-H-M loading
  • Innovative supdcans and perforation drilling for mitigating punch-through
  • Innovative supdcans and perforation drilling for mitigating punch-through spudcan-footprint interaction issues
  • Direct PCPT-, T-bar- and ball-based design approaches
  • Stability of foundations on sand embankment over mine tailings
  • Centrifuge modelling
  • Large deformation finite element analysis

Dr Mehrdad Kimiaei

  • Seismic response of offshore platforms
  • Pile-soil-structure interaction analysis
  • Marine operations for installation of offshore platforms
  • Integrity analysis and assessment of offshore platforms
  • Finite Element and Boundary Element Modeling
  • Sub-sea technology

Professor Boris Tarasov

  • Stable and unstable rock failure
  • Mechanics of shear rupture development in soft and hard rocks
  • Rock brittleness and superbrittle behaviour
  • Rocks at static and dynamic loading conditions

Dr Dong Wang

  • Large deformation analysis
  • Submarine landslides
  • Capacity and keying of suction embedded plate anchors
  • Soil-pipe interaction

Professor David White

  • Piles
  • Pipelines
  • Shallow foundations
  • Centrifuge modelling
  • Image-based deformation measurement
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