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Members of the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, publish numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers each year. These papers including the reference and DOI, are listed by year in the navigation menu to the left.

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cover image Subsea Pipelines Collaboration Cluster

Subsea Pipelines Collaboration Cluster

To address the challenges of providing technical solutions to the Australian oil and gas industry, six universities and CSIRO's Wealth from Ocean Flagship came together in 2008-2011, to establish the Subsea Pipelines Collaboration Cluster. Its goal was to underpin the development of these hydrocarbon resources, by providing engineering solutions for the safe and economic design and operation of subsea pipelines in Australia's offshore frontiers. This report summarises the achievements of the Subsea Pipeline Collaboration Cluster and its impact on the Australian and International oil and gas industries. Download the 2012 Final Report here [PDF 4.4mb]


InSafeJIP Guidelines

"InSafeJIP" - Improved Guidelines for the Prediction of Geotechnical Performance of Spudcan Foundations During Installation and Removal of Jack-Up Units, has been produced as a result from a joint industry project that COFS were involved in, alongside the University of Oxford and National University of Singapore. The guidelines are available for free download here [PDF 1.1MB] or via the RPS Energy web-site.


Offshore Geotechnical Engineering book cover

Offshore Geotechnical Engineering

by Mark Randolph and Susan Gourvenec

ISBN 978-0-415-47744-4

Offshore Geotechnical Engineering by Mark Randolph and Susan Gourvenec was published in 2011.  This 530-page book originated from a course on Offshore Geomechanics that has been taught by COFS staff since 1998 as part of the undergraduate and Masters programmes at UWA. The book aims to serve as a framework for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and to provide a useful reference for professional engineers in the offshore industry. It is completely up to date, featuring much of COFS' recent research output, as well as covering the fundamentals of soil mechanics and offshore geotechnical design. It is available as a hardback book or e-book.


  • Offshore Environment
  • Site Investigation
  • Soil Response
  • Piles
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Mobile Jack-up Rigs
  • Pipelines
  • Geohazards

NB: Errata for the first edition, available here.