Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems

Specialist skills

The Centre is involved in collaborative projects ranging from medium-term contract research to specialist testing for specific offshore developments.

COFS has direct links to local consulting companies. These links provide an avenue for rapid technology transfer from research into practice, and direct access to specialist expertise and services as required. Our specialist skills include:

image of specialist skill, Soil CharacterisationSoil characterisation

  • Expertise in the use of specialist laboratory equipment including the triaxial and simple shear apparatus, constant normal stiffness and rod shear testing of calcareous soils - we are the primary source for advanced soil testing in Western Australia
  • Micro-structural studies using x-ray, scanning electron microscopy and tomographic techniques
  • Design and manufacture of novel penetrometers for strength profiling of soft soils


image of a specialist skill, Foundation EngineeringFoundation engineering

  • World-leading centrifuge modelling capabilities ranging through impact driven piles, suction caissons, shallow foundations (with and without skirts), drag anchors, ship impact protection and pipeline-soil interaction
  • Numerical modelling skills, with finite element programs such as AFENA and ABAQUS, including specialist enhancements such as large deformation capabilities and advanced constitutive models
  • Leading analytical models and software for drag anchors, suction caissons, shallow foundations under combined loading and cyclic response of piles

image of a specialist skill, Seabed MobilitySeabed mobility

  • Large and small o-tube flumes, unique worldwide, for simulating ocean-seabed interaction, sediment transport and pipeline stability
  • Advanced computational fluid dynamics modelling of vortex shredding and scour around pipelines