Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems


Our laboratory facilities feature sophisticated research-level devices for conducting the specialised laboratory and model testing needed to characterise conventional and carbonate sediments.
  • a fixed beam centrifuge: 40g-tonne capacity with 1.8m radius platform
  • a drum centrifuge: 1.2m diameter and 500g capacity with precision-controlled turntable
  • ring shear apparatus
  • novel site investigation equipment
  • dynamic pile testing instrumentation
  • cyclic triaxial apparatus with bender elements
  • cyclic simple shear apparatus
  • optical and electron microscopes
  • x-ray and high speed camera
  • electronics laboratory
  • large o-tube flume
  • small o-tube flume

COFS houses the only centrifuge modelling facility in Australia. Only COFS and the University of Cambridge are home to both a fixed beam and a drum centrifuge.