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Yining Teng


Start date

Feb 2014

Submission date

Feb 2018

Yining Teng

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Settlement prediction for subsea foundations on carbonate sands


The settlement of granular sands under loads has not been well understood. Even provided with the same SI information, predictions of settlement given by different research groups and consultants vary greatly in a previous project.

The aim of this project is to create a method for predicting the surface foundation settlement through linking the micro-scale response of soil grains to the macro-scale response of foundations. The project focus is on foundations and foram-rich carbonate soil conditions relevant to offshore foundation development. A geotechnical centrifuge test and some soil lab tests will be conducted to provide supportive research data about carbonate sands react under loads.

Why my research is important

This project will create a new design method for settlement prediction of calcareous sands and provide new knowledge about the way calcareous sands behave and deform. It is helpful to the offshore foundation design.