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Hongchao Wang

Start date

Oct 2014

Submission date

Oct 2017

Hongchao Wang

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FLNG hydrodynamics and coupling effects during side-by-side offloading operation


The thesis involves the world’s first deployment of FLNG technology with strong industry relevance. The research focus is mainly placed on the hydrodynamics of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG), especially during offloading operation. The coupling effects of the multi-body system are studied and distinguished discrepancies can be found comparing the multi-body system with single vessel case. Some commercial software suites are utilized to model the multi-body system and to deal with the hydrodynamic interactions in frequency- and time-domain within the scope of potential theory. Furthermore, to take the viscous effects and other factors as well into account, some modifications and improvements will be added to make up for the deficiencies and limitations of commercial software.

Why my research is important

Due to the growing demand for clean energy, natural gas reserves are becoming increasingly attractive. Research investigating the side-by-side offloading system, which saves much efforts and expenses than installing new underwater pipelines in remote deep water, is one of the main options for the direct transfer of product from the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG), to which an export LNG carrier is positioned by mooring or DP system . However, the hydrodynamic interactions of multi-body system are evidently distinguished from that of the single body case with shielding and exaggerating effects. Additionally, effects of tank sloshing on the vessel responses and the coupled effects between vessel and mooring system also play an important role in determining safe operation process of FLNG offloading operation. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to study the FLNG hydrodynamics in order to provide helpful guidelines for the design, production and operation of such a system.


  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • Shell-UWA Offshore Engineering PhD Research Top-up Scholarship

Side-by-side Offloading Operation